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Located just off Highway 49, six miles east of Plymouth, Fiddletown is a Gold Rush-era community that speaks to a simpler time. In fact, other than during two important events a year, June’s Fiddletown Flea, and September’s Fiddletown Jamboree, this sleepy little town offers glimpses of historic buildings, a relaxing walking tour, but not much in the way of other distractions or even places to spend your money!

Did you know?

Fiddletown was so named because placer miners took to fiddling during the summer when creeks ran too dry to mine. However, Judge Columbus Allen Purinton (who was never actually a judge in Amador County), embarrassed to be known as the “Man from Fiddletown,” successfully lobbied the state legislature to have the name changed to Oleta (after his daughter) in 1878. After his death in 1932, town residents petitioned to have the name restored to Fiddletown.